Reside Mortgages

Why fee free?

Why not? It’s the way we’ve always worked, and we’re happy with it.


All mortgage brokers get paid from the lenders once a mortgage completes, and that doesn’t impact your deal.


By paying a fee, you’re not necessarily guaranteeing a mortgage, nor a great service.


As brokers who aren’t tied to a panel, we have access to almost all of the same lenders as each other. The best deals are usually offered by lenders who can be easily accessed by all brokers. So by paying a broker fee, it’s not like you’re opening up another 10 lenders that other brokers can’t access.


We’re up to date on criteria and have a lot of experience with all sorts of weird and wonderful situations and scenarios. Whether you only have 1 year’s self-employed accounts (where the majority of lenders require a 2-year history to consider you for a mortgage) or you have bad credit; we’re able to help. Whilst you think you need to pay for more attention from a broker, it’s all usually deciphered from the initial conversation with us. From there, we can advise accordingly.


We manage our work volumes. We treat each case with the urgency it deserves, and we’ve been doing it long enough to know what we can and can’t place.


So passing such a saving onto our clients is another way we’re keeping things simple.


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